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17 décembre 2016 6 17 /12 /décembre /2016 08:32

Disabled people and reconstruction of identity: inclusion or stigmatisation

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Managing social identity, reconstruction of identity, constructing own biography from scratch is something that a person with acquired disability must cope with. People with inborn disability create their identity of a disabled from the beginning. They are prepared/raised/educated to take the part of a person with disabilities in the society. Can a person who acquired disability experience such accelerated adaptation? It is disability that will become the central category which will determine their social identity. In the article the author raises the problems connected with setting up the line between personal and social identity, between satisfying the need to be unique and the need to belong, between defining a person through the prism of stigma (Erving Goffman) and perceiving them as representative of a specific type of personality (Alfred Schutz). How deep is the mark of a person with disability that this disability imprints in their life is best known only by the people who live with it. How difficult is the management of social identity or the reconstruction of biography is best know by them as well. What is the identity created or reconstructed in the process of social stigmatisation going to be like? Is it possible to come out of the process of stigmatisation?

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